South African Esports Results Wrap | 31 August 2020

Clint O'Shea

Aug 31, 2020 9:45 am

This past weekend saw another packed weekend of local tournaments offering a mixture of cash and products. Unfortunately, some (specifically day two of the GOWZA Pink Tournament) became victims of international internet and server issues. The second day of the GOWZA cups have been postponed to Sunday 6 September.


However, there was plenty of other action this weekend ranging from Apex Legends to Rainbow Six, and more.


Today we wrap up the winners and what they walked away with.

Mythic Royale

The Mythic Royale for Fortnite – operated by ACGL – saw the top August solo players battling in a custom lobby battle royale for their share of the R3,000 cash. Unfortunately, the spectator mode that saw first local use last month seemed to be affected by the recent game update, but that didn’t mean there wasn’t plenty of action from the players.


The top spot went to ‘scara’ who secured a total of 19 kills and one Victory Royale in his five round run.


  • 1st Place: scara [R1,500]
  • 2nd Place: Nyclo [R750]
  • 3rd Place: Travis [R500]

The next finale at the end of September is for Trios. The qualification process kicks off this week.

ZAPA Gaming Apex Legends Cup

26 trio squads dropped in for this ZAPA Gaming sponsored Apex Legends cup for PlayStation 4. On the line was a R3,000 voucher, which was awarded to the team of iEnvy Anubis after four tiebreakers were needed to award them the top spot over the team of ‘Here for the dub’.


  • 1st Place: iEnvy Anubis [R3,000]
  • 2nd Place: Here for the dub
  • 3rd Place: iEnvy Alpha
Mettlestate Leagues

Mettlestate and ASUS brought some variation to the shooters this past weekend. R2,000 was allocated to Brawlhalla and WGT. WGT failed to meet the minimum sign up requirements, while the Brawhalla brackets are not yet populated at the time of writing. The winner of the Brawlhalla was announced as Pigeon, who secured R500 for his effort.

SA COD Battles Rainbow Six Siege

Local Call of Duty tournament operator SA COD Battles has been dipping their toe into Rainbow Six recently, with a tournament hosted this past weekend. The cash prize pool could not be confirmed at the time of writing, but the winner of the tournament can be:


  • 1st Place: Phoenix Esports
  • 2nd Place: Motion Esports
  • 3rd Place: Astra Infinite
Vodacom World FIFA

The final four in the FIFA 20 tournament headed to Vodacom World to compete for the over R25,000 cash prize pool. Goliath Gaming’s Julio ‘The Besast’ Bianchi secured the top spot and R25,000 first place pay cheque.


  • 1st Place: The Beast Bianchi
  • 2nd Place: Deevak_D
  • 3rd Place: Masoom Fakie

There are still plenty of online cups and tournaments offering cash prizes coming over the next few months. Keep your eye on us and we will update as soon as we spot them. However, we cannot find everything happening if there is no space the information lives, so let us know and we will do our best to follow up.