Mythic Royale Season Two announced by ACGL

Mythic Royale

Mythic Royale Season Two announced by ACGL

African Cyber Gaming League (ACGL)’s Fortnite Mythic Royale Season One was an incredible experience for South African esports fans to enjoy. The tournament organizer has now announced Season Two, and with it, another prize pool of R30,000 over the next five months.

Mythic Royale Season Two

If you’ve been playing in the ACGL Fortnite Cups, then you are already part of the system. Mythic Royale Season Two brings more ways to qualify, compete, and win.

This is all thanks to ACGL’s partners and sponsors of the Mythic Royale, namely: MSI, Redragon, Sparkfox, and Crucial. As mentioned at the start of the article, there will be R30,000 up for grabs over the next five months, and you can start your journey by entering Fortnite Cups, joining a matchfinder on ACGL, and showing your interest for the first Mythic Royale Season Two finale.

ACGL explains:

“As with Season One, grinding via the cups and matchfinders to earn Elo remains one of your qualifying options. Secure the needed placing in the leaderboard and you will be competing in the monthly custom lobby for the cash on offer.”

There will also be custom lobby direct qualifiers twice a month. If you are one of the top five Trios in these direct qualifiers, you will be in the money playoffs. Further, there will be a monthly Challenger Cup, giving players who didn’t make it to the main event the opportunity to compete in a custom lobby for rewards. ACGL will also provide details next week on the opportunity to win products from their partners.

Mythic Royale Season Two schedule

Mark those calendars and get ready for some great local Fortnite action with the full schedule for Mythic Royale Season Two below.


  • 17 + 24 July: Mythic Royale Custom Qualifier
  • 31 July: Mythic Royale Challenger Cup
  • 1 August: Mythic Royale Finale


  • 7 + 14 August:  Mythic Royale Custom Qualifier
  • 28 August: Mythic Royale Challenger Cup
  • 29 August: Mythic Royale Finale


  • 4 + 11 September: Mythic Royale Custom Qualifier
  • 25 September: Mythic Royale Challenger Cup
  • 26 September Mythic Royale Finale


  • 2 + 9 October: Mythic Royale Custom Qualifier
  • 30 October: Mythic Royale Challenger Cup
  • 31 October: Mythic Royale Finale


  • 6 + 13 November: Mythic Royale Custom Qualifier
  • 27 November: Mythic Royale Challenger Cup
  • 28 November: Mythic Royale Finale

Each month’s finale will be streamed live via the ACGL YouTube channel.

For those interested in some great local esports action, you should follow ACGL on TwitterFacebook, as well as join their Discord server.


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