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Esports Central is the major hub for esports news in Africa


Founded in South Africa in early-2018, Esports Central strives to provide quality news and information about tournaments from Africa and abroad for esports fans. Our team is made up of passionate talent, ex-players, journalists, and lovers of the competitive scene from across Africa. As such, we deliver the stories that fans of competitive gaming care about.


What We Do

We cover everything from upcoming fixtures, tournament results, event information, predictions, previews, to player transfers in Africa and abroad. We strive to provide an in-depth, analytical perspective in our coverage. In an effort to deliver compelling content we engage with teams, players, and talent to bring the stories you care about to life.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you, esports fans and tournament audiences, with a tool to be able to enjoy all your news and content in one place. Our content contributors have a special relationship with, and thus focus on, competitive gaming on the African continent and beyond. To us, fans are as important as the teams and players who compete in the competitive scene.


ESC Podcast S02E15: FortniteZA Discussion with Neymar & OomKoncept

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