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    We cover everything from upcoming fixtures, results, events, predictions, previews, to player transfers of the competitive scene in Africa and abroad. We strive to provide an in-depth analytical perspective on everything we cover, wherever possible touching bases with teams and players to bring the stories you care about to life.

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    • Sillicur

      Sillicur (7th January 2021)

      Sadly still no word but hopefully something will happen in 2021!#
    • Jean Roelofse

      Jean Roelofse (6th January 2021)

      I really hope we get the servers quick because not all of us can stand the unfair lagging its quite...#
    • Daniel Snider

      Daniel Snider (6th November 2020)

      what are the average ranks#
    • Rohan Samal

      Rohan Samal (16th October 2020)

      SirActionSlacks savior of Dota 2#
    • Sillicur

      Sillicur (22nd September 2020)

      It is our pleasure!#