Sinister5 sign new Call of Duty team

Chris 'Sargon' House

South African MGO Sinister5 have picked up a Call of Duty: WWII competitive team. The team consists of:

  • Travis “Lumo” Johnson
  • Joshua “Sensii” Charles Victor
  • Matthew “Freestyler” Naidoo
  • Johannes “Cyber” Phillipus Lloyd

The team has registered to participate in the Mettlestate ASTRO Call of Duty South Africa Championships. They’re also currently participating in the VS Gaming CoD Premier Division. I reached out to two of the players to ask them about the move.

Q&A with Sinister5’s Call of Duty team

Chris “Sargon” House: How long have you been playing Call of Duty individually and as part of this team? What is your role in the team?

Johannes “Cyber” Phillipus Lloyd: I’ve been playing Call of Duty for roughly 11 years. It wasn’t until 2012 when I decided to take on the competitive aspect of the game. Myself, Sensii, and Freestyler have been together since March, but we have always struggled finding a solid fourth that would fill the role we’ve been looking for. Lumo joined about 2 weeks ago, and since then everyone has proven irreplaceable. We try keep the roles as fluid as possible in our team, meaning everyone fills in where necessary but most of the time you’ll find me around the hardpoint. I’m also the captain of the team as well as the in game leader.


Travis “Lumo” Johnson: I have personally been competing in Call of Duty for the past three years, however I have been playing the game since I was 6. With the current team who I have been competing with for a short period of only two weeks, I believe that all our goals are the same and we all have the same motivation to be top 4. I currently play as the main sub machine gun player as well as co in game leader in my team with my teammate Cyber.

Why Sinister5? How does it feel being in one of the biggest MGOs in South Africa?

Johannes “Cyber” Phillipus Lloyd: I’ve always been familiar with the Sinister5 name, as I was a PC player for a couple of years, and it was actually Travis who approached us and told me he had an opportunity that would be dumb not to take. Once I heard who it was I was immediately sold. The passion and visions Sinister5 has for esports in South Africa is phenomenal, and having such a prestigious organization stand behind us is one of the best feelings I’ve ever experienced.


Travis “Lumo” Johnson: I personally approached Sinister 5 to give us the opportunity to perform to our fullest capacity. I am humbled and grateful that we have been given the chance to represent one of the biggest names out there. Joining up with Sinister 5 has been such an easy and pleasant experience.

What will be your first major tournament under the Sinister5 banner? Are you ready?

Johannes “Cyber” Phillipus Lloyd: We are currently playing in the VS gaming league in the premier division, as well as the recently announced Mettlestate league and hoping to qualify for both LAN finals. Although the team has only been together for around 2 weeks we’ve already seen major improvements in our gameplay and are confident with a bit more time we will be a strong force in the community.


Travis “Lumo” Johnson: We are currently competing in Mettlestate and we hope to prove many wrong with the next few leagues of VsGaming leading into Black Ops 4.

How often do you practice?

Johannes “Cyber” Phillipus Lloyd: We practice roughly 6-8 hours a day, we start at around 11:00 until 16:00 with normal games such as ranked and pickups, and then we usually start scrimming against other teams around 17:00 until 20:00 and then we usually talk about how the game went and where we can improve on.


Travis “Lumo” Johnson: Our dedication is at an all time high, so we’re practicing between six and eight hours every day. 

How do you think your team stacks up against the rest of the teams in South Africa?

Johannes “Cyber” Phillipus Lloyd: I feel this team has the potential to reach to top tier of teams in the community, especially with the motivation and amount of time we put into the game since joining Sinister5, and we can only go up from here.


Travis “Lumo” Johnson: We hope to achieve our goals of at least top four by next season, and we do believe that with the amount of effort we are putting in that we will definitely be able to meet our goals, both short-term and long-term.

Any shoutouts to anyone in particular?

Johannes “Cyber” Phillipus Lloyd: I’d like to give a huge shoutout to Ivo and Sinister5 for giving us the massive opportunity to represent and play for one of the biggest MGOs in South Africa. We won’t let you guys down! I’d also like to mention my girlfriend for being so supportive and putting up with me through all of this.


Travis “Lumo” Johnson: I would like to give a huge thank you to Sinister5 for giving us this opportunity. We won’t let you down.