Undying and Fnatic claim spots at The International 10


Undying and Fnatic claim spots at The International 10

With 12 teams making their way to The International 10 via the DPC season, and both Team Spirit and SG e-sports qualifying via their respective regional tournaments, two more regional qualifiers for the biggest Dota 2 esports tournament of the year finished up over the weekend. Here’s how two more teams managed to qualify via the North American and Southeast Asia regions.

Undying wins NA qualifier

The North American regional qualifier saw 11 teams in total compete for one spot at The International 10. Undying didn’t waste any time setting themselves up as the team to beat, speedrunning through the Upper Bracket of the tournament.

Undying beat The Cut, Black N Yellow, and 4 Zoomers all with 2-0 scorelines to claim their spot in the grand finals. 4 Zoomers then proceeded to beat Bumble bEE’s 2-1 in the Lower Bracket final to set up the grand final against Undying. However, as their name might suggest, Undying smashed 4 Zoomers 3-0 in the grand final, not dropping one single map in the entire tournament to claim their spot at The International 10.

Fnatic wins SEA qualifier

A total of 15 teams competed at the Southeast Asia regional qualifier. In the Upper Bracket, Fnatic beat Omega Esports 2-1, and went on to beat OB Esports x Neon 2-1. Then, Fnatic sent TNC Predator to the Lower Bracket with a clean 2-0 to make it to the grand final.

TNC Predator had a close Lower Bracket final match against BOOM Esports but managed to come out on top with a 2-1 victory. The grand finals were an exciting affair, with Fnatic and TNC Predator pushing each other to the limits. In the end, Fnatic won 3-2 after going down 0-2, completing an amazing comeback to claim their spot at The International 10.

Now, we look towards the final batch of qualifiers for The International 10 kicking off this week. Starting on Wednesday, we will see the Western Europe and China qualifiers take place. One team from each region will make their way to The International 10, and once these are completed, we will have our full list of teams this year.

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