Souzern Lions Pro League announced

Clint 'Zombie Dredd' O'Shea

The recently launched Souzern Lions league has undergone the first of its major changes. The FACEIT powered platform has added a Pro League (FPL) which offers cash prizes every month.


Players competing in the top echelon of the league will have R5,000 on the line every month. To secure a spot for this cash prize pool, competitors can either qualify through the Souzern Lions Challengers or get a direct invite. An invite is offered following a meeting when “the committee members of the Pro League feel that someone is skilled enough to be in [the] league.”


Alongside the cash injection, there have been changes to the existing divisions. The Bronze and Silver divisions have been balanced and a new Gold League has been announced. This Gold division (which was previously known as Silver) serves as a “competitive breeding ground for talented players who have not made it into the FPL.”


The Silver division will will be fed via players from the Bronze division who have reached level five (equivalent to an ELO level of 1251).

Get ready to challenge

Players in the top 25 of the (old) Silver League leaderboard will head to the Challengers. This part of the league will start on 6 July and is a “First in First Out (FIFO) solo queue system” that will end of 8 July. The competitor placing first will secure a spot in the Souzern Lions Pro League.


The current leaderboards have been closed across all divisions as of 10am today (20 June). With this Souzern Lions now plans to switch to a “more seasonal event schedule, running from the start of each month to the end.”

The Divisions

Pro League (FPL)


  • R5000 cash prize pool every month

Gold Division


  • Level 8-10 (1701+ ELO)
  • 11200 FACEIT Points
  • Top 25 players qualify for the Challengers, one winner qualifies for Pro League

Silver Division


  • Level 5-7 (1251-1700 ELO)
  • 9000 FACEIT Points

Bronze Division


  • Level 1-4 (1-1250 ELO)
  • 7000 FACEIT Points

[Source: Souzern Lions]