Local Players Testing Rainbow Six Siege South African Servers

Chris House

Nov 18, 2019 9:25 pm

Testing for the recently announced Rainbow Six Siege South African servers commenced on 11 November 2019. According to Ubisoft, this means we’ll probably get permanent live servers in the region. The announcement comes as part of Operation Shifting Tides, which is the latest DLC for the game. Operation Shifting Tides adds various new features to the game, including an entirely reworked Theme Park Map.


Two new operators will make their debut as well; Wamai the Defender and Kali the Attacker. Their addition to the roster is great because it’ll increase selection variety in games. These operators are from Kenya and India respectively. Local servers are important to many players because they offer reduced latency. This is often translated into more enjoyable competitive experience. It’s also viewed as an opportunity for more players to participate.

Rainbow Six Siege, South African Servers, & Esports

Rainbow Six Siege has seen some some support in South Africa historically. The local player base is pretty active and incredibly supportive of the title. ACGL tends to host events on a quarterly basis and the title is active on their website. Raving Mad Gamerz and Early Axes also host local events, while elsewhere in Africa there’s an operator as well. If you want to meet like minded players then be sure to check out the Rainbow Six Siege South Africa Facebook community.


The local servers could have a pretty large impact on how many players continue to support the title, which would probably increase tournament interest. This could lead to additional investment in the title from other tournament operators, proving further potential knock-on effects. The South African test servers are available via the separate Test Server game client on Uplay and Steam. There have been a ton of local players who have already started testing the server. Feedback from players appears to be largely positive and there’s a lot of buzz around the title right now.