Bravado Gaming brings Project Destiny to an end

Clint 'Zombie Dredd' O'Shea

Jan 29, 2019 10:30 am

Bravado Gaming has announced that Project Destiny has come to an end, as has their successful CS:GO team. Following the recent cancellation of the crowdfunding initiative, speculation suggested the team would either be picked up by another organisation, or that a corporate saviour was on hand.


In this case, it seems both options existed. An offer from Denial Esports was all too good to pass up for all but one player in the team. There was also a corporate sponsor “willing to pay in the case of any shortfall”. At the time of the Indiegogo campaign being cancelled, that amount was around 40% of the fixed goal of $30,000.


Four of the players and the Bravado Gaming coach have accepted the offer from North American organisation Denial Esports. Only team captain Dimitri ‘Detrony’ Hadjipachali has decided to stick with the South African team.


The Bravado Gaming team had recently completed a series of successful months, placing second at DreamHack Winter, securing the DreamHack Mumbai title and claiming the 21st spot in the world rankings. However, it now becomes unclear who will represent Bravado Gaming at the WESG finals in China in a few months time. It’s also unclear whether Bravado Gaming will remain fully based in South Africa or build a new team for another international adventure.

The Future

Bravado Gaming has stated that they will continue their “efforts to establish a world-class Counter-Strike team internationally while simultaneously working on a variety of projects impacting the social and competitive gaming scene throughout South Africa and various parts of the world.” Details on their exact plans are still to be revealed.


The organisation is eager to keep the air clear between themselves and their fans giving this statement:

On this note, the management would like to apologize on behalf of Bravado to all it’s fans, supporters and ESPECIALLY all the donors during it’s Indiegogo fund-raising campaign – management realizes how this can reflect badly on the organization, especially after the concerted effort of many high-profile players in the community coming together to assist us in reaching this goal.


Therefore, we want to make it clear that this decision was purely on the players to cancel the campaign and accept the offer they received from Denial E-Sports. We want you to know that this is no reflection on the ethics of the Bravado brand and it’s management. We want to ensure that everybody who contributed to the campaign will be refunded.

Header image via Denial Esports.