The International 10 gets new dates and location

The International 10

The International 10 gets new dates and location

Since The International 10, the biggest Dota 2 esports tournament of the year, was delayed until August this year, fans have had their calendars marked. The International 10 is supposed to take place in Stockholm, Sweden, at the Avicii Arena. However, due to some issues which we outlined in a previous article, Valve had to find a new home for The International.

TI10 – New dates & location revealed

Valve has revealed the new venue for The International 10 via an official news post. The mammoth, highly-anticipated tournament will take place in Bucharest, Romania. To be specific, it will be held in the country’s largest stadium; Arena Nationala. This is a fitting place for 18 teams to do battle for the Aegis of Champions, don’t you think?

Valve explains:

“We are grateful for the partnership we have formed with Romania and the city of Bucharest, and very much look forward to gathering with the global Dota 2 community, both in-person and virtually, to celebrate the elite players and amazing fandom at The International. Prepare yourselves. At long last, the battle begins.”

Exciting, right? Well, it is, yes. However, we hope you didn’t mark your calendars for the previous August dates with a permanent marker. Due to the change in location and all the logistics involved, The International 10 will now take place in October 2021.

  • The new dates for TI10 are:
  • Group stage – 7 to 10 October 2021
  • The main stage – Starts on 12 October 2021
  • Grand Finals – 17 October 2021

So there you have it, the new dates and location for The International 10. Dota 2 esports fans can now mark their calendars with relative certainty. We simply can’t wait to watch 18 teams compete for their share of the history-making $40,018,195 prize pool.

Header image via Valve.


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