EGL One Season 2 final standings and results

EGL One Dota 2

EGL One Season 2 final standings and results

We’ve had the pleasure of watching some awesome South African Dota 2 esports action taking place over the past two months thanks to EGL One Season 2. The tournament, from EveSports, HP Omen and Intel, featured a prize pool of R50,000, and this past Sunday, a champion was crowned. Here’s what went down during EGL One Season 2’s playoffs and grand finals.

EGL One Season 2 results

The team to beat heading into EGL One Season 2 was, without a doubt, Sinister5. The Sinister5 squad won the first season of EGL One, and as the defending champions, they did not disappoint.

Blasting through the competition, Sinister5 beat Forsaken Dragons 2-0 and then got a forfeit win against PunX Interactive Gaming. In the upper bracket semi-finals, Sinister5 made quick work of Faceit Boys, beating their opponents with two 27-minute matches.

Sinister5 then faced off against rivals Energy Esports in the upper bracket final. Energy Esports took the first map after a 43-minute affair, but Sinister5 bounced back with a reverse sweep to knock Energy Esports down to the lower bracket, and claim a spot in the grand finals of EGL One Season 2.

Energy Esports had to fight their way through Exdee Gaming over three maps which all went into the late game. With the 2-1 win over Exdee Gaming, Energy Esports claimed a spot in the grand finals, setting up a rematch from Season 1.

In the grand finals of EGL One Season 2, Sinister5 wasted no time sweeping Energy Esports under the rug. The best-of-five only lasted three games, and none of them went past the 35-minute mark as Sinister5 took down Energy Esports 3-0 in a very convincing fashion.

Final standings:
  • 1st place – Sinister 5 wins R25,000
  • 2nd place – Energy Esports wins R12,500
  • 3rd place – Exdee Gaming wins R6,500
  • 4th place – White Rabbit Gaming wins R4,000
  • 5th place – Faceit Boys wins R2,000

A big congratulations go out to Sinister5 for winning back-to-back EGL One seasons and showcasing once against why they are considered the best Dota 2 team in South Africa.

To stay up to date with news related to the Dota 2 EGL One Season 2 follow EveSports on Twitter. In case you couldn’t watch the finals live, you should be able to catch up on what happened during the Sinister5 and Energy Esports grand final on the EveSportsZA Twitch channel or YouTube channel.

Header image via EveSports.


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