ESEA South Africa expands with two divisions after record signups

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ESEA South Africa expands with two divisions after record signups

South Africa’s CS:GO esports scene continues to grow, and that’s always great to see. In November, we saw ATK Arena claim the first-place prize at ESEA Season 35 South Africa, and now, we’ve got some good news to share. ESEA has expanded to four seasons a year, and for the first time ever, South Africa will now have two divisions.

ESEA South Africa: Four Seasons, Two Divisions

First up, ESEA announced big changes for 2021. This includes an increased number of seasons within the ESEA league system for all countries. The goal here is to “give players more opportunities to climb up in the divisions and play for prize money more often.” This will also reduce the downtime of no competition between seasons.

The tentative schedule for ESEA seasons in 2021 is:

  • January to April – Season 36
  • May to July – Season 37
  • August to October – Season 38
  • October to December – Season 39

Signups for ESEA Season 36 is now closed. However, you can mark your calendars and check back in early May 2021 to sign up to Season 37.

Thanks to a record team signups for ESEA Season 36 South Africa, with a total of 39 teams in the Open Division, South Africa will now have two separate divisions for the first time ever. There’s the Open Division, and the new IM division, which will feature 16 teams from the S35 playoffs as well as one invited team.

On Twitter, Goliath Gaming’s Ruan “ELUSIVE” van Wyk commented:

“Another big step for us here in South Africa – First time we see two divisions that provide consistent opportunities for new and developing teams as well!”

It is amazing to see South Africa’s CS:GO scene continue to grow after all these years. Thanks to the ESEA expansion and all the teams signing up, we’ve got one exciting year of local CS:GO action to look forward to.

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