EGL One Season 2 announced: Schedule, qualifiers and R50,000 prize pool

EGL One Dota 2

EGL One Season 2 announced: Schedule, qualifiers and R50,000 prize pool

All the way back in September 2020, South African retailer Evetech announced a new tournament organizer, EveSports, as well as a huge new CS:GO tournament for local teams to enter. It was called EGL Season One, and in the end, ATK Arena dominated the tournament to win the lion’s share of the prize pool.

Now, EveSports has announced EGL One Season 2, another CS:GO tournament for South African teams to enter, featuring a great prize pool to fight for.

EGL One Season 2: Registrations, schedule & prize pool

If you are part of a CS:GO team and want to compete against the best South Africa has to offer, you should register for the EGL One Season 2 qualifiers. Simply head on over to the EGL One Season 2 Battlefly page to enter. Registration is free. You have until 25 January 2021 to register and enter.

Four teams will be invited directly to the tournament’s main event. Eight teams will have to earn their spot via the qualifiers, and four teams will make it through the wildcards section.

Invited teams:
  • ATK Arena
  • Goliath Gaming
  • DNMK Esports
  • Energy Esports

This means a total of 16 teams will compete in a double-elimination, best-of-three bracket for a chance at their share of the prize pool. The EGL One Season 2 tournament features an R50,000 prize pool, just like Season 1.

The prize pool distribution:
  • 1st Place: R25,000
  • 2nd Place: R12,500
  • 3rd Place: R6,500
  • 4th Place: R4,000
  • 5th Place: R2,000

There will be a 5th and 6th place playoff match to determine which team gets the R2,000 for 5th place. If all this sounds fantastic and you love playing CS:GO, then mark your calendars. The qualifiers for EGL One Season 2 begins on 26 January 2021.

The EGL One Season 2 schedule:
  • Registrations: 20th January – Closes 25th January
  • Qualifiers: 26th January – 7th February
  • Wildcard draw: 8th/9th February
  • First broadcast: 16th February
  • Finals Weekend: 10th-11th April
  • Winners announced: 12th April

The main event will start on 16 February, with an 8-week bi-weekly schedule, culminating in the finals on 11 April. You can catch all the action on the official EveSports YouTube channel. Good luck to all the teams who plan on entering the qualifiers.

Header image via EveSports.

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