ATK completes CS:GO roster with surprise additions

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ATK completes CS:GO roster with surprise additions

In mid-August, ATK Arena’s CS:GO squad finally travelled to Mexico to embark on their international journey. We love following South African players/teams competing against international competition, and that’s exactly what ATK has been doing with their CS:GO squad.

However, there have been some changes, with South African Josh “⁠bLazE⁠” Saunders stepping down from the active roster, and the young Wiljahne “Mango” Smith departing. Now, ATK Arena’s CS:GO squad has seen two new players join.

ATK’s CS:GO roster

We all know ATK is competing in the North American region. However, ATK has expanded their search after not finding the right fit when trialing players from the region.

ATK has therefore added a Swedish player Jonathan “⁠b0denmaster⁠” Bodenmalm and Norwegian Erik “⁠truth⁠” Hansen Dyrnes to their CS:GO roster.

The ATK’s CS:GO team:
  • Gareth “⁠MisteM⁠” Ries
  • Rhys “⁠Fadey⁠” Armstrong
  • Ian “⁠motm⁠” Hardy
  • Jonathan “⁠b0denmaster⁠” Bodenmalm
  • Erik “⁠truth⁠” Hansen Dyrnes
  • Daniel “⁠sprayxd⁠” Kogan – Coach

Both these European players could be exactly what ATK’s CS:GO squad needs to succeed and reach the top of North American Counter-Strike.

ATK is currently competing in the ESL Challenger League Season 40 and won their first game against Third Impact with a score of 2-1. We wish these players all the best of luck and hope to see them succeed in the North American region. Therefore, we will keep our readers up to date with all the latest from ATK’s CS:GO squad.

Header image via Valve.


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