A wrap of BvD's CWL London adventure

Clint 'Zombie Dredd' O'Shea

May 6, 2019 9:40 am

Bravado Gaming’s Call of Duty team spent a weekend in London for the Call of Duty World League event. Their excursion marked one of a limited number of times a South African console Call of Duty team have played outside of the homeland. It also saw Bravado Gaming (BvD) carry the flag proudly, making it into the second day of play. Their run may have surprised a few international players, but South African supporters always knew better.


The BvD team’s run – like so many other hopefuls – began in the double elimination open bracket. The battle there rewards teams with their share of $75,000 and a spot against the 16 professional teams on the circuit.

Day One

The South Africans got off to a very bright start against the Scottish team, Setting Pace. They took the series 2-0 with a comprehensive 250-25 victory on Hardpoint (HP) starting things off. The second match of the day say BvD up against semi-pro team Vortex gaming. Things did not go quite as well for the South Africans. While they put in a gutsy performance on Search and Destroy (SnD), they were beaten 2-0 to find themselves moving forward in the Loser’s Bracket.


The third match of the day saw the team in blue taking on TAL Gold. In a very one-sided match, BvD pushed past their opponents 2-0 with a 250-12 HP win and a 6-1 SnD win. Recognised Talent were up next in the second round of the Loser’s Bracket, and BvD again kept their momentum with a 2-0 victory.


For their final match of day one, BvD faced Crazy Crew. It was the opposition that took first blood with a 250-200 win on HP. However, the local team hit back and took the SnD 6-3, and Control 3-0 to close out their international debut day with four wins and the one loss.

Day Two

The BvD team must have woken on day two of the event feeling quietly confident. They were sitting in round four of the Loser’s Bracket, and while there was still a way to go until they would be in contention for the spots against the pro teams, they had already proved their worth.


Neversity were the next hurdle along the path. BvD took the HP 250-190 and headed into SnD with a series lead. Unfortunately, the team slumped to a 6-1 map loss leaving the third and final map to decide which of the two teams would continue the journey. Sadly, Control saw Neversity secure a 3-0 map victory and a 2-1 series victory to progress. Bravado Gaming’s journey had come to an end.

The Take Away

The South African players can walk away proud of their weekend. Finishing a debut international outing with four victories and two losses is nothing to be ashamed of. They are likely to return to South Africa with feedback and information that could prove valuable for future teams travelling abroad for Call of Duty. In 2013, feedback from Team Xtaz lead to the increase in competitive LAN events for the title. Bravado Gaming should be able to offer even more insight six years on.


It is unlikely that the BvD expedition will result in South Africa getting a spot at World Championships again. With money and numbers game being the motivator, it would’ve taken Bravado Gaming reaching the top four in the Open Bracket to ensure Activision and friends took note. However, as always, South Africa made – and nurtured existing – friendships with the international community.


Once again, it’s back in the local community’s court as to how they move forward following the Bravado team’s adventure.


100 Thieves defeated eUnited 3-1 in the Grand Final to secure their first ever major championship at the $325,000 pro tournament in London.