ATK Overwatch team departs from the organization

ATK Overwatch

ATK Overwatch team departs from the organization

Last month, the ATK Overwatch team won the Overwatch by ATK tournament, taking home the lion’s share of the R50,000 prize pool. Now, ATK Arena has announced their Overwatch team is departing from the organization.

ATK Overwatch team departs

On 22 September, the team’s captain, Bandit, decided to step away from competitive gaming and Overwatch to pursue other passions, one of these being programming.

On 12 October, ATK Arena announced that the whole team is now departing from the organization. For those who don’t know, the team was ATK Arena’s first, joining the organization all the way back in 2018.

ATK Arena explains:

“We are sad to announce the departure of the ATK Overwatch team from our organization. Overwatch was the first team to join the ATK esports family in 2018 – we are so grateful to all the players past and present who have worked so hard to make this team a success.

We wish each and every single one of you the best in your future endeavours Trophy never be a stranger! You’re always part of the family.”

At the time of writing, no additional information about the departure has been revealed.

Despite the local scene not being as strong as it used to be, with Tekom VS Gaming dropping Overwatch from their annual leagues, the team fought on and became the undisputed top team in South Africa. They even placed 5th in a European tournament not so long ago, despite a ping disadvantage.

Header image via Blizzard Entertainment.

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