IEM New York 2020 Online: Europe – The final standings

IEM New York

IEM New York 2020 Online: Europe – The final standings

CS:GO esports fans had some fantastic action to watch over the weekend as the IEM New York 2020 Online: Europe tournament came to a thrilling conclusion. Here’s what went down, as well as the final results and standings for the IEM New York 2020 Online: Europe tournament.

IEM New York: Europe – The results

IEM New York 2020 Online: Europe took place from 6 to 11 October 2020, with eight CS:GO teams competing for their share of the $140,000 prize pool. That’s roughly R2.3 million at the current Dollar to Rand exchange rate.

Dota 2 fans should all know the OG organization, which won two The International’s in a row. Their CS:GO squad, which was created less than a year ago, made it to their first grand finals. OG made their way through the group stages undefeated and beat Fnatic 2-1 to make it to the finals.

FaZe took one loss in the group stage, and proceeded to beat Vitality (a higher-ranked team) with ease 2-0 in the playoffs. On 11 October at 16:00, the grand final of IEM New York 2020 Online: Europe kicked off, with OG and FaZe facing off in a best-of-five grand final.

On the first map, Mirage, went into overtime as the teams looked evenly matched. However, FaZe took the next two maps (Inferno and Dust II) with ease to become the IEM New York 2020 Online: Europe champions. For their 3-0 win in the best-of-three grand final, FaZe takes home $70,000, while OG walks away with $30,000.

Final standings and prize pool distribution:

  • 1st place – FaZe wins $70,000
  • 2nd place – OG wins $30,000
  • 3rd & 4th place – Vitality & Fnatic wins $12,000 each
  • 5th & 6th place – BIG & Complexity wins $5,000 each
  • 7th & 8th place – G2 & Heroic wins $3,000 each

There’s still more action to come for CS:GO esports fans, as IEM New York: North America’s group stage is currently underway, with the playoffs starting on 18 October.

You can tune in to all the matches by visiting the official ESL CS:GO channels on both YouTube and Twitch.

Header image via ESL.

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