South African team to compete at CEC 2022 this week

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South African team to compete at CEC 2022 this week

The Commonwealth Esports Championship (CEC) 2022, supported by the Commonwealth Games Federation, takes place this weekend, featuring three esports titles, namely eFootball, Dota 2 and Rocket League. For the latter esports title, a team from South Africa will compete.

ATK’s Rocket League team at CEC 2022

The Commonwealth Esports Championship will take place in Birmingham, England. This is a LAN event which will be held at the International Convention Centre. The Rocket League tournament will run from 6 to 7 August 2022, and a team from South Africa has successfully made their way through the Africa qualifiers.

The team is competing under the Global Esports Federation’s “Team World Connected” instead of simply the country name like all the other squads, and most local esports can probably guess why, but let’s not get into that. The Team World Connect qualified by going 3-0, beating Ghana, Malawi and Kenya.

The team is ATK Esports’ Rocket League squad, consisting of the following South African players.

  • Umer “Arceon” Majiet
  • Schalk “SchalkG” Geldenhuys
  • Umar “Werty ^^” Rasool

The team from South Africa named Team World Connect will compete against seven other teams, namely Kenya, England, Canada, India, Jamaica, Wales and Australia.

A Press Release we’ve received explains: “Acer South Africa and it’s high end gaming division, Predator, have stepped in to provide full financial and hardware support for the team during their stay in the United Kingdom in preparation for the event while Puma South Africa will be providing Commonwealth Games branded match day kit and accessories.”

We wish the team from South Africa the best of luck at the Commonwealth Esports Championship 2022. We will be watching and supporting these local players, and so should you! You can catch all the action over on the Global Esports Federation’s Twitch channel.

Header image via Psyonix.


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