Mettlestate VIP Subscription: What you need to know

Mettlestate VIP

Mettlestate VIP Subscription: What you need to know

South African tournament organizer Mettlestate delivers fantastic experiences for local gamers to enjoy each week. From Cash Cups to bigger tournaments, and leagues, Mettlestate shows no signs of slowing down. Mettlestate has now expanded its offerings even further with a VIP subscription service, offering some nice benefits to those who subscribe. Here’s what you need to know about the Mettlestate VIP subscription.

Mettlestate VIP subscription details

First and foremost, the Mettlestate VIP subscription does not give those who have it any type of advantage in tournaments at all. This is probably the most important aspect for most gamers out there. Mettlestate also explains that they’ve added this VIP subscription to “help esports grow in South Africa and help gamers directly by offering users exclusive perks.”

The Mettlestate VIP subscription will set you back a mere R45 per month. You can head on over to the feature’s dedicated page on the Mettlestate website right now to check it out for yourself.

VIP subscription benefits include:
  • Double prize pool payouts
  • 100 bonus points on the seasonal leaderboard
  • Priority registration (early access to signing up for competitions to guarantee a spot)
  • Exclusive Mettlestate shop merchandise
  • Exclusive discounts for the Mettlestate shop
  • 100 Mettallions

For those who regularly compete in tournaments over at Mettlestate, the double prize pool payouts are probably the biggest draw. In case you are wondering what “Mettallions” are and Google doesn’t know either, Mettlestate explains:  “Mettallions are gamer credits that are exclusive to Mettlestate. They can be used for discounts in the Mettlestate shop! 100 Mettallions is equivalent to R10. The more users earn, the better the discount.”

Via a Press Release, Mettlestate’s CEO, Barry “Anthrax” Louzada, explains: “As Mettlestate grows we want nothing more than to give back to our gamers. One of those things is our VIP package which helps our gamers earn more money and extra benefits for themselves. This is just the start of so much more to come, we are only getting started!”

While everyone will probably have their own opinions on a subscription package, this does sound like exciting news. We can’t wait to see what Mettlestate is planning in the future. This VIP subscription package does offer some very nice benefits, especially the double prize pool payout. The most important aspect, however, is that it does not give players any type of advantage while competing in Mettlestate tournaments. Well done on that, Mettlestate, well done!

Don’t forget to keep up to date with the latest happenings for Mettlestate tournaments by following them on Twitter, and joining their Discord server.

Header image via Mettlestate.

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