Catching up with the PES Society

Clint 'Zombie Dredd' O'Shea

Jan 13, 2020 9:45 am

Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) is the ‘other’ virtual football game. For the latest iteration of the game, Konami added ‘eFootball’ to the title. This scuppered at least one naming convention tournament operators had to avoid using the trademarked FIFA brand in their tournament names. Community tournament guidelines and all. Of course, you probably haven’t actually noticed most of this, especially if you thought FIFA was the only game offering football esports.


Thankfully, there are others that care, and PES is starting to see an active scene building internationally and on the continent. PES 2020 got a run at the Africa Game-On event in Togo, and has seen a number of tournaments in Ghana and elsewhere. And in South Africa, the title has had a fanbase for a number of years, with the PES Society from Cape Town being the main force behind the title.


As 2019 drew to an end, the community organisation hosted two PES 2020 tournaments – the first at the Z-Fest event, and the second at the Gaming and Chill Lounge in Tyger Valley. 32 players descended on the Gaming and Chill Lounge on 14 December to compete for the prizes up for grabs with Rafeeq Cariem walking away as champion on the day.

A Q&A with PES Society

We reached out to the PES Society crew to get a bit more information on who they are and what they plan with the PES franchise locally.

When was the PES Society started, and what was the initial goal for the organisation?

PES Society was started in 2013. When the organization started, the goal was just to host Pro Evolution Soccer tournaments due to a lack of them in and around Cape Town. We wanted to show PES players that there is actually a platform for Pro Evolution Soccer players to compete on. We wanted players to not only compete, but also be a part of PES Society. The goal is to do more within – and outside – the gaming community, to show the positive impact gaming is making in society today.

What makes PES the game for you and the other players?

PES is the game of choice because it brings you closer to the real deal. Its attention to game physics, player movement, and overall gameplay is unmatched. The ability to play the ball exactly how you envisage in your mind out onto the virtual pitch is uncanny. PES is by far the closest you will get to having players do exactly what you want them to in a football game. As the PES 2020 slogan says “playing is believing,” and once you pick up that controller you feel exactly every aspect I’ve mentioned in the game. And that’s what makes the game for us.

When will you be hosting your next tournament, and where can people find out more?

Now that the holiday season is coming to an end, we’re looking to have our next tournament at the end of January or early February. People can find out more about us on our website. You can also find our social media links there, as well details of previous tournaments and any upcoming tournaments.