The Esports Central Podcast: Episode 068

The Esports Central Podcast: Episode 068

The Esports Central Podcast, episode 068 (14 November, 2019), released weekly every Thursday. Join us as we wrap up the week’s local and international esports news! The podcast also occasionally delves into some of the hot topics in the esports scene, providing South African perspectives and opinions. Hosted by:

Here’s a brief breakdown of what the crew covers in this week’s episode:

  • League of Legends Worlds 2019 Finals – FPX demolish G2
  • CS:GO’s IEM Beijing discussion
  • ATK & ESL Pro League Season 10
  • FaZe Jarvis banned from Fortnite
  • Cloud9 shedding players at alarming rate
  • Valve’s conversation around conflict of interest in tournaments
  • Local servers for Rainbow Six Siege & PUBG
  • WRG going to Morocco for League of Legends ESWC event
  • Red Bull Hit The Streets: Street Fighter V
  • and much much more!

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