VS Gaming Masters Dota 2 Finals Results: Comic Con Africa 2019

Chris 'Sargon' House

Sep 25, 2019 7:30 am

The 2019 Telkom VS Gaming Dota 2 Masters LAN Finals took place between the 23rd and 24th of September at Comic Con Africa in Johannesburg. The finals saw Goliath Gaming face off against Sinister5, which was arguably the most predictable final pairing. Goliath Gaming emerged victorious after they were lucky to win their first Bo3 match, lost the second, and pulled back together to win the third. Last week our very own KChicktray put together who he thought were the top contenders for the event. He did mention that anyone could take it, but also admitted that Goliath Gaming were a cut above the rest. Sinister5 managed the second place finish he predicted, and pushed Goliath Gaming all the way (and were arguably unlucky not to win themselves).


As a result, Goliath Gaming has won a cool R220,000 for their troubles. The total pot was R570,000 for the Dota 2 tournament, split between the rest of the competing teams at the event. KChicktay will undoubtedly be wrapping-up the games in some more depth later in the week, so check back for some analysis.


See all the results in the image below:

Image courtesy of VS Gaming.