The International 10 final prize pool and Arcana Vote winner

The International 10

The International 10 final prize pool and Arcana Vote winner

The Dota 2 Battle Pass for The International 10 has come to an end, and with it, we know the final prize pool for the biggest esports tournament yet. While we still don’t have a tournament date (expected sometime late in 2021), we now know what teams will be fighting for.

The International 10 prize pool

Through Dota 2 Battle Pass and related purchases, The International 10’s prize pool has grown to over $40 million. To be exact, the prize pool finished off at $40,018,195 as it reached the mind-blowing $40 million milestone just 10 minutes before the Battle Pass was closed.

To put this massive number into a local perspective, that’s roughly R659 million at the current Dollar to Rand exchange rate, making The International 10’s prize pool by far the biggest in esports history.

Arcana Vote winner

Shortly after the Dota 2 Battle Pass came to an end, Valve announced the Arcana Vote winner between finalists Faceless Void and Spectre.

Over 50 million votes were cast, and in the end, Faceless Void got 24,948,538 votes, while Spectre got 27,475,258 votes. Valve will start work on creating an Arcana item set for Spectre.

Valve announced in a blog post:

“The team will set out to design an Arcana befitting Mercurial, the Spectre, channelling her dark energy into forms heretofore unimagined. How will she haunt her quarry?

In what manner can her refraction erode her enemies? When taking aim with her Spectral Dagger, what deadly colour will she glow? Yes, purple, obviously, but what SHADE of purple? Sit tight, lavender lovers, plum buffs and violet voters. With time all (or maybe some) of these questions will be answered.”

At the time of writing, it is unclear just how long it will take to create the Spectre Arcana. Valve also announced there would be Dota Plus updates releasing this week, with the following additions:

  • Updates to Guilds
  • New Dota Plus Season
  • New MMR reset mechanism

No exact release dates for the Dota Plus updates were revealed.

Header image via Valve’s Wykrhm Reddy.

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