OG and Elephant qualify for The International 10


OG and Elephant qualify for The International 10

Following the end of the DPC season, where 12 teams qualified for The International 10, regional qualifiers took place. With one spot at The International 10 in each regional qualifier on the line, it was a do or die affair for the Dota 2 esports teams involved.

Team Spirit, SG esports as well as Undying and Fnatic won their respective regional qualifiers in the previous weeks. The final and arguably biggest regional qualifiers, Western Europe and China, completed over the past weekend. Here, to more teams claimed the final spots.

OG wins Western European qualifier

The two-time TI-winning organization, which also happens to be the defending champions, had to fight their way through qualifiers once again. With the likes of Nigma and Liquid competing, OG once again went up against all odds, and actually qualified for The International 10.

OG took down Viking.gg and Nigma with 2-1 scorelines before running into the brick wall of Tundra, where they got knocked down to the lower bracket. However, OG once again came back fighting and beat Nigma with a 2-1 scoreline to secure a spot in the grand final. OG took revenge on Tundra in a grand final which went the distance, ending with a nail-biting 3-2 score to secure their spot at The International 10.

Elephant wins China qualifier

In the highly-contested China qualifier for The International 10, Elephant came out on top. The squad defeated Team MagMa with relative ease (2-0 win) and went on to beat Royale Never Give Up in a close 2-1 affair. However, Elephant fell to the lower bracket at the hands of EHOME.

Elephant came back with a vengeance, knocking out Team MagMa with a 2-0 score in the lower bracket final. In the grand finals, Elephant faced off against EHOME once again. Despite EHOME winning the first game, Elephant took revenge, winning the next three games in a row to qualify for The International 10 with a grand final score of 3-1.

A big congratulations go out to OG and Elephant for claiming the final spots for The International 10. It simply wouldn’t be a TI without OG at this point, right? Now, we look forward to The International 10, which will take place in Bucharest starting on 7 October 2021.

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