IEM Cologne 2022 results and highlights

IEM Cologne 2022 results

IEM Cologne 2022 results and highlights

Over the past weekend, the final six teams of IEM Cologne 2022 competed for their share of the massive $1 million prize pool and the coveted CS:GO esports title. If you couldn’t watch IEM Cologne 2022 live, don’t worry. We’ve got the results and a highlights video to share.

IEM Cologne 2022 results & highlights

The playoffs of IEM Cologne 2022 was one of the most entertaining in recent memory. You can read about what went down in the rest of this article or watch our highlights video from the grand finals below.

In the first quarterfinals match, Astralis reverse-sweeped MOUZ to claim a spot in the semifinals, while the dark horses of the tournament, Movistar Riders, managed to beat Team Liquid 2-1.

Heading into the semifinals, we saw Astralis fall against Na’Vi with a 2-0 win going to the Ukrainian team. FaZe Clan stopped Movistar Riders in their tracks with a relatively clean 2-0 win. The grand final of IEM Cologne 2022 between Na’Vi and FaZe was one of the most exciting yet, going the distance.

FaZe won the first map, Inferno, with a score of 16-13. Na’Vi then bounced back on Overpass with a 16-13 victory and managed to beat FaZe on Ancient, which went into overtime. One map away from victory, Na’Vi stumbled on Mirage as FaZe comfortably closed out the map 16-9, setting up for a fifth and final map.

The final map in the IEM Cologne 2022 grand final was Nuke, Na’Vi’s playground. This, however, didn’t seem to bother FaZe all that much, as they won a close 16-14 to claim the first-place spot at IEM Cologne 2022.

A big congratulations go out to FaZe Clan for winning IEM Cologne 2022 in such a spectacular fashion. For their win, FaZe gets $400,000 and a direct invite to IEM Katowice 2023.

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