IEM Beijing CS:GO playoffs set for later this week

IEM Beijing

IEM Beijing CS:GO playoffs set for later this week

The Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) Beijing-Haidian CS:GO tournament finished up its group stage over the past weekend. Later this week, we will see the playoffs for IEM Beijing Europe and well as North American tournaments take place, so there’s going to be some exciting international CS:GO esports action for fans to watch.

IEM Beijing playoffs – What you need to know

The IEM Beijing group stage saw some top teams of each region compete for their spot in the playoffs. With two double-elimination format groups in the European online event, and only eight teams making it out of the group stage, we’ve already seen some great CS:GO esports action. While the North America tournament was smaller, it was still an exciting affair.

Later this week, the playoffs begin for both regions. In Europe, teams will be fighting it out for the $150,000 prize pool, while in North America, teams compete for $50,000. Arguably even more important is that the winner of each tournament gets a spot in the IEM Global Challenge taking place in December.

For fans who want to watch all the action live,  you probably want to know the matchups and schedule. Keep in mind this schedule might change slightly since these are online tournaments, and delays do happen sometimes. All times are in SAST.

IEM Beijing Europe schedule:
  • Team Liquid vs Winner of TeamOne & Triumph – 20 November at 23:00
  • Chaos Esports Club vs Evil Geniuses – 21 November at 23:00
  • Grand finals – 22 November at 22:00
IEM Beijing North America schedule:
  • FaZe Clan vs Winner of mouseports & G2 – 19 November at 16:00
  • Na’Vi vs Heroic – 19 November at 19:30
  • Complexity vs Winner of NiP & BIG – 20 November at 16:00
  • Team Vitality vs Astralis – 20 November at 19:30
  • Semifinals 1 – 21 November at 16:00
  • Semifinals 2 – 21 November at 19:30
  • Grand Final – 22 November at 17:00

You can tune in to all the IEM Beijing matches by visiting the official ESL CS:GO channels on both YouTube and Twitch.

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