COD Mobile Season 7 balance changes and new gun

COD Mobile Season 7

COD Mobile Season 7 balance changes and new gun

Activision unleashed Call of Duty: Mobile Season 7 New Vision City this week. The update comes with a plethora of content, from new a brand-new battle pass filled with items to unlock to new modes and much more. For the competitive players, however, the most important thing is the weapon balance changes and the new gun available, so let’s dive in.

New COD Mobile Gun – Switchblade X9

The new COD Mobile weapon released at the start of Season 7 is the Switchblade X9. This is a submachine gun (SMG). You can unlock the Switchblade X9 by levelling your battle pass to Tier 21.

This is in the free section, so you don’t have to throw any money at Activision to unlock the new weapon and start building that perfect competitive loadout.

At the time of writing, the Switchblade X9’s stats are not avaialble. However, the weapon’s official description reads: “A high-tech SMG that can display its full capabilities in close-quarters battles!”

COD Mobile Season 7 balance changes

As we’ve mentioned at the start of this article, one of the essential aspects for competitive COD Mobile players are the balance changes, so they can adjust their loadouts. Below, you can check out the full, huge list of balance changes for Season 7.


  • Improved range


  • Improved damage


  • Improved damage


  • Improved damage
  • Improved range


  • Improved/adjusted damage


  • Improved damage
  • Reduced horizontal recoil

PP19 Bizon

  • Improved damage
  • Improved flinch


  • Improved reload speed


  • Improved damage and adjusted range (base and large caliber)
  • Reduce large caliber ADS time penalties


  • Improved recoil
  • Improved bullet spread accuracy
  • Improved flinch


  • Improved recoil
  • Improved bullet spread accuracy


  • Improved recoil
  • Improved magazine capacity


  • Improved recoil
  • Improved damage


  • Reduced bullet spread accuracy
  • Increased sprint-to-fire delay
  • Reduce damage
  • Reduce sprint-to-fire boost from YKM Light Stock


  • Reduced damage
  • Increased flinch


  • Reduced duration


  • No longer speeds up the recharge of Operator skills

Dead Silence

  • Increased sound spread range

So that’s it! The complete balance changes in COD Mobile Season 7 for competitive players to be aware of and how you can easily unlock the new Switchblade X9 SMG.

Header image via Activision.


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