Carry1st CP Challenge has 300,000 CP to fight for!

Carry1st CP Challenge has 300,000 CP to fight for!

We recently reported how you can now purchase Call of Duty Points (COD Points or CP) and Battle Passes for the latest COD Mobile season on the Carry1st Shop through Pay1st, Carry1st’s payments platform, in local currency. But what about winning a whole lot of COD Points without paying a cent? That’s where the Carry1st CP Challenge comes into play, from South African tournament organizer, African Cyber Gaming League (ACGL), and carry1st!

Carry1st CP Challenge details

Local Call of Duty: Mobile players can simply head to the dedicated page on ACGL for the Carry1st CP Challenge and register for multiple qualifiers and events. Registration is completely free of charge, and there’s a total of 300,000 CP up for grabs in November and December!

It starts this week with qualifiers for an event where there are 6160 CP on the line. Those who qualify through the multiple playoff tournaments will compete on 16 December 2023 for a total of 200,000 CP in the finals, with the following prize pool distribution.

  • 1st – 100,000CP (5x 5,000CP per player)
  • 2nd – 50,000CP (2x 5,000CP, 1×2,400CP, 1x80CP per player)
  • 3rd – 30,000CP (1x 5,000CP, 1×2,400CP, 1x80CP per player)
  • 4th – 20,000CP (1x 5,000CP per player)

You can keep up to date with all their announcements by following ACGL on Twitter and Facebook and joining their Discord server. Remember also to follow carry1st on Twitter and visit their shop website.

Header image via Carry1st/ACGL/Activision.

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