Two South African-created Fortnite maps to enjoy

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Two South African-created Fortnite maps to enjoy

While there’s a whole lot of things to enjoy in the regular Fortnite Battle Royale, sometimes you just need to try something unique. That’s where the Creative Mode comes into play, and where players can compete in some exciting new maps. There are two South African-created Fortnite maps which you should really check out.

Maze Run Arena

Created by Mike Editz and the Fortnite South African Discord community, the Fortnitemares: Maze Run Arena is an exciting map for 2 to 10 players in a FFA Deathmatch setting with a whole bunch of twists and turns. Credit to the Fortnite South African Community for showcasing these maps.

A description of Maze Run Arena reads:

“This map is designed that players will firstly spawn inside the maze with their goal of reaching the centre before the storm fully shuts, which will also lock the maze. While in the maze, players can find a variety of different weapons and also discover the hidden secrets of the maze and what else might be lurking between the walls…

Once the maze has fully shut, any remaining players that were locked out will be teleported into the centre arena to battle out in a FFA deathmatch style match – but if you were able to get to the centre before others, there are more powerful weapons that spawn here when the maze closed, with some also accessible via small jumping puzzles/parkour! Whoever has the most total eliminations at the end of the match will be the winner of that round!”

The map code is: 5420-2051-7361

The Forge Boxfight Arena

Mettlestate’s The Forge Boxfight Arena map was created by Koncept and Mike Editz. This map was tested by South African Fortnite pros, and requires incredible aiming skills to win.

As the name suggests, the map is all about fighting in boxes. It was designed from the ground up to push players to their limits and “forge champions”. It is also the map which will be used in the upcoming Ultimate Fortnite Champions tournament. 16 teams will duke it out for their share of the R1,500 prize pool this coming Saturday, 21 November 2020.

The map code is: 0057-7553-2770

Header image via Epic Games.

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