Valorant’s new Agent Harbor abilities and ultimate

Valorant Harbor

Valorant’s new Agent Harbor abilities and ultimate

Valorant Episode 5 Act 3 was unleashed by Riot Games on Tuesday, 18 October 2022, ushering in a whole bunch of new content and expanding the game’s roster. After several teases, the game’s next Agent, Harbor (Agent 21), has been revealed. Here’s what you need to know.

Harbor Abilities & Ultimate

Competitive Valorant players climbing the ranks need to know what this new addition to Valorant’s roster is capable of. First up, Harbor is a controller who can “cover large open areas” using ancient tech. Harbor can bend water to his will, blocking lines of sight and blasting powerful streams of water to slow his enemies.

Harbor is a force to be reckoned with. Competitive Valorant players should, therefore, know their enemy, so check out the list of Harbor’s abilities and his ultimate below.

  • High Tide (E): EQUIP a wall of water. FIRE to send the water forward along the ground. HOLD FIRE to guide the water in the direction of your crosshair, passing through the world, spawning a wall along the water’s path. ALT FIRE while bending to stop the water early. Players hit are SLOWED.
  • Cove (Q): EQUIP a sphere of shielding water. FIRE to throw. ALT FIRE to underhand throw. Upon impacting the ground, spawn a water shield that blocks bullets.
  • Cascade (C): EQUIP a wave of water. FIRE to send the wave rolling forward and through walls. RE-USE to stop the wave from moving further. Players hit are SLOWED.
  • Reckoning (X): EQUIP the full power of your Artifact. FIRE to summon a geyser pool on the ground. Enemy players in the area are targeted by successive geyser strikes. Players caught within a strike are CONCUSSED.

We can’t wait to see how Harbor changes the meta in Valorant Episode 5 Act 3. It will be interesting to see how teams use this powerful new Agent and if Riot decides to either nerf or buff him in some ways during the next season.

Header image via Riot Games.

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