New Valorant Agent Clove revealed: Abilities and Ultimate

Valorant clove

New Valorant Agent Clove revealed: Abilities and Ultimate

At the VCT Masters Madrid event’s final day (Sunday, 24 March 2024), developer Riot Games revealed the latest Valorant agent, called Clove! Those who love Valorant esports will want to know precisely what Clove’s abilities and ultimate are so they can plan ahead when facing the new Agent in-game soon. Here’s what you need to know.

Valorant Clove Abilities & Ultimate

Clove is Valorant’s first “non-binary Agent,” according to the press release we’ve received. The trailer showcases the Scottish Agent shining in all the right ways. For Valorant lore fans, an official description of Clove reads:

“Scottish troublemaker Clove makes mischief for enemies in both the heat of combat and the cold of death. The young immortal keeps foes guessing, even from beyond the grave, their return to the living only ever a moment away.”

  • (E) Ruse: EQUIP to view the battlefield. FIRE to set the locations where Clove’s clouds willsettle. ALT FIRE to confirm, launching clouds that block vision in the chosen areas. Clove can use this ability after death.
  • (Q) Meddle: EQUIP a fragment of immortality essence. FIRE to throw the fragment, which erupts after a short delay and temporarily decays all targets caught inside.
  • (C) Pick-me-up: INSTANTLY absorb the life force of a fallen enemy that Clove damaged or killed, gaining haste and temporary health.
  • (X / ULT) Not Dead Yet: After dying, ACTIVATE to resurrect. Once resurrected, Clove must earn a kill or a damaging assist within a set time, or they will die.

Check out the first gameplay trailer for Clove below.

It will be very interesting to see how Clove fits into the meta. The ultimate “Not Dead Yet,” if used correctly, could be insanely powerful, as an extra life while defending a Spike Site, for example, could be invaluable.

Header image via Riot Games.

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