The Nexus Fireside Gathering - Witchwood Launch

The Nexus Fireside Gathering

28 APRIL 2018

The Nexus Fireside Gathering - Witchwood Launch

Prize Pool

The Nexus is proud to announce its Fireside Gathering to celebrate the launch of The Witchwood (

We are an approved Tavern, thus Nemsy Necrofizzle will be making an appearance (! To earn this special Warlock Hero skin make sure you play in, and complete a Fireside Brawl at the event.

Structural Information

Participating teams:


Main Event

The purpose is to engage with the Hearthstone community and help us understand how The Nexus can best create upcoming events designed around your needs. Be sure to come through and help us create the best future Hearthstone events possible!

New to Hearthstone? We will have the game pre-installed here on our AMD Gigabyte PCs and to those used to playing it on mobile platforms, we have Samsung Tablets just for you!

Any questions mail us on or call us on 011 789 8215.

Safe parking is available. There is also the Nexus Cafe to satisfy your appetite and thirst (

This Fireside Gathering will feature a competitive Hearthstone tournament using a competitive ruleset; however anyone and everyone is encouraged to participate.

Entrance fee: R50 (this will go entirely towards prize support of packs).

Time: Registration – 10h00. Start time – 10h30.

Tournament format: Standard, Swiss.

Number of rounds determined by number of players:
Up to 8 players: 3 rounds.
9 – 16 players: 4 rounds.
17 – 32 players: 5 rounds.
33 – 64 players: 6 rounds.

Match format: Conquest (you need to win once with each of your three unbanned decks to win the match,, Best of 5, 4 picks, 1 ban (use the built-in Battlefy functionality or use

You will need to use the same four decks (of different Classes) throughout the tournament (this will not be monitored and is heavily reliant on sportsmanship and honour).

Platform: Bring your own device or use devices provided (available on a first come, first serve basis; 10 desktops, 5 tablets) (Wifi will be provided).

Prize Pool: Two Hearthstone packs of The Witchwood per player will be added to the prize pool (the exact breakdown will be determined once the number of players is confirmed). There may be additional surprise prizes!

The April Fireside Brawl, “Dungeon Fun”, will be available (

There will be some Hearthstone streams on display, if you want a break; as well a couple other activities going on.

*** NB: Entry to the Fireside Gathering and the venue is FREE. The entry fee of R50 is only if you want to participate in the competitive tournament with card packs as prizes. You will still be eligible for any random draw prizes (excluding the card packs which are part of the competitive event’s prize pool). ***

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Results from this event

There are no results yet, check back later.

Results from this event

There are no results yet, check back later.

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