Telkom VS Gaming reveals esports plans for 2021

Telkom VS Gaming

Telkom VS Gaming reveals esports plans for 2021

With 2021 underway, Telkom VS Gaming has announced their plans for South African esports. This year, the tournament organizer continues to evolve the Masters series. It is also hosting the fourth season of the High School Esports League. Further, the organizer announced a brand-new Rocket League championship.

Telkom VS Gaming CS:GO Masters

The Telkom VS Gaming CS:GO Masters continues to evolve. This coming season, the CS:GO Masters will take place in three phases. Teams will be placed into a three-part, division-based structure. The placement will be based on a team’s skill level shown during the 2020 season.

The second phase will begin with a Playoff. Teams from the lower divisions will attempt to qualify for the Telkom VS Gaming CS:GO Championship. The top sixteen teams will fight for a top-four position, which will qualify them for the final phase; the Telkom VS Gaming Masters.

Registration for the Telkom VS Gaming CS:GO division is now open, and will close on 26 February 2021, so don’t forget to register your team by heading the CS:GO league registration page.

Rocket League Championship

The Rocket League series will feature the same league structure and schedule as the CS:GO Masters. However, it will end with the Championship phase.

Telkom VS Gaming explains:

“Rocket League (RL) is an extremely accessible esports-ready title, which we believe is the key to making esports accessible to a far greater number of South Africans. Rocket League mashes vehicles, soccer & super arenas into a completely free video game that can be played by gamers on their choice of gaming equipment, as it is available on PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, & PC.”

This will be a 3v3 league, and you can register for it right now by heading to the Rocket League registration page. The league is open to PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch gamers.

High School Esports League

The High School Esports League is a free league open to all high schools in South Africa. it is now in its fourth year, and it is an excellent way for high school students to get involved in local esports.

Telkom VS Gaming explains:

“To ensure a comprehensive opportunity-based journey for students, we have introduced Rocket League as our low-barrier-to-entry option, which will complement our Counter-Strike Global Offensive league. To complete the journey, we have also reintroduced Rocket League as a Telkom VS Gaming Championship title.

That means that students who graduate from High School can continue the development of their esports careers in the Telkom VS Gaming CS:GO Masters League and Telkom VS Gaming Rocket League Championship. For the League of Legends players out there, member Teachers will be hosting the 2021 League of Legends program with VS Gaming’s technical support.”

Registrations for new high schools are now open and closes on 26 February 2021. A school can be registered by contacting the organizer on Discord or via email.

More local esports action

The eDiski Series will continue where it left off last year. The tournament series will feature 22 of the best FIFA players in the country. These players will compete at one of three Playoff events in Gauteng during February and March 2021. There will be spots in the eDiski Season 4 finals up for grabs.

Telkom VS Gaming will be hosting both a League of Legends and Dota 2 two-stage Championship tournament. Registrations for the Dota 2 and League of Legends tournaments will open up on 15 March 2021. More information about these upcoming tournaments will be revealed soon.

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