ACGL Leagues announced – A fantastic new series of tournaments for SA gamers

ACGL Leagues

ACGL Leagues announced – A fantastic new series of tournaments for SA gamers

African Cyber Gaming League (ACGL) has announced the ACGL Leagues, perfect for South African gamers who want to participate in some more local esports action. This new addition to ACGL’s rotation of tournaments is all about the participants, and registrations are now open. Here’s what you need to know about ACGL Leagues.

About ACGL Leagues

ACGL explains that the ACGL Leagues is all about the players:

“This is for the participants. We want you to feel like you are part of something unique, challenging, rewarding and fun. With the ACGL Leagues we aim to put the spotlight on the player in a bigger way than ever before.”

ACGL Leagues will comprise of three titles, namely:
  • Modern Warfare (consoles)
  • Call of Duty Mobile (mobile devices)
  • Rainbow Six Siege (PS4)

Additional titles will be added in the future. These three titles, and their communities, have been some of the biggest ACGL supporters over the years, so they have decided to kick the ACGL Leagues off with these titles.

If you want to see your esports title of choice join the ACGL Leagues lineup, it is recommended that you participate in the ongoing ACGL cups, which will help the organizer gauge the interest in expanding league titles.

ACGL Leagues Registration & Prize Pool

Registrations for all three the ACGL Leagues are now open. The registrations will close on 11 May 2020, and the first season will start a few days later.

Registration costs R100 per person for a season, so R500 for a team per season, with up to two substitutes also allowed.

ACGL explains that:

“Teams competing will need to ensure they have a Team Token on the profile of the captain, which is purchasable on our shop. Once signed up, the token will be deducted from the profile.”

For the prize pool, it all depends on how many players sign up for the ACGL Leagues. Cash prizes will be on the line, and the size of the prize pool is based on a sliding scale of the number of entries.

Prize pool scale: Entries on left, prize pool on right
8-11R4 000
12-15R5 000
16-19R6 000
20-23R8 000
24-27R10 000
28-31R12 000
32+R14 000

ACGL Leagues seasons

ACGL has provided us with an outline of how the ACGL Leagues seasons will work, which you can read below.


“Cash prizes will be on the line. These will be on a sliding scale based on entry numbers, which are detailed below. Leagues have been built around the model of R100 per person for a season. R500 will be the cost of entry for a team per season, with an allowance of up to two substitutes.

In Season One, the competition will start with a group phase featuring all registered teams. The top 16 teams will head into the Premier Knockout Cup. On the line for the top eight teams is a spot in our Premier Division in Season Two. The top four teams in the knockouts will also secure cash.

In addition, all teams that do not qualify for the Premier Knockout Cup will have an opportunity to compete in the Challenger Knockout Cup.”


“Season Two will kick off with the qualifying Premier Division teams competing in a group phase. All other teams can sign up and compete in the Challenger Division. Both roads lead to the Premier Cup playoffs, where qualifying teams from both divisions will compete for the cash on offer.

Teams that do not qualify for the Premier Cup, will get an opportunity to compete in the Challenger Cup, ensuring ongoing opportunities to play and improve in a competitive environment.

Season Two will see teams promoted and relegated in preparation for Season Three.”

Header image via ACGL

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