ACGL Apocalypse Rebellion – All additions and improvements

ACGL Rebellion

ACGL Apocalypse Rebellion – All additions and improvements

South African tournament organizer African Cyber Gaming League (ACGL) keeps on growing, delivering awesome tournaments, matchfinders, content and more. Back in March 2022, the tournament organizer announced ACGL Apocalypse Season 1. This season has now come to an end but ACGL isn’t slowing down. Introducing ACGL Apocalypse Rebellion.

ACGL Apocalypse Rebellion details

ACGL isn’t pulling any punches with the Rebellion season, as it boasts a host of digital rewards, features, site updates, and more. There’s a new battle pass, free to all players, new missions, new leaderboards to track site achievements and activities, new social features, and more.

There’s also the sliding scale prize pools and rewards system which was introduced in the first season. The more you play, the more you earn.

Check out the full list of additions and the full list of improvements for ACGL Apocalypse Rebellion below.

ACGL Rebellion additions:
  • Added ACGL Apocalypse Rebellion Season content
  • Added over 50 new missions
  • User leaderboards on ACGL Dashboard
  • Team rankings and game clips on game pages
  • Swiss tournament system
  • Matches tab on Knockout tournaments
  • Participants are required to verify their profile’s contact number when creating new or accepting match finder challenges
  • Added “Unlock More” button to the avatar editor
  • Added check-in support for Round Robin and Swiss systems
  • New Share button next to page title
  • Teams without an image will now get a generated image based on the team name
  • For example, the team “ACGL Team” will get an image with “AT” on it
ACGL Rebellion improvements:
  • Updated site and game backgrounds
  • Removed the sidebar from game and school pages to improve user flow
  • Tournaments with a sliding scale prize pool will no longer be listed as “Featured”
  • Improved matches list
  • Improved the tournaments list on mobile
  • Increased the file upload limit on prize claim forms to 32MB
  • Updated the icon on knockout brackets to make it clearer that it links to the match page
  • Updated the participants list, merged with Waiting List
  • Added support for twitch embeds on tournaments and twitch clips on the Watch page
  • Username changes are now tracked in the User log
  • Game accounts will now be checked against our profanity filter

ACGL also fixed a couple of issues. Lastly, the South African tournament organizer urges fans to reach out if they spot any glitches or have any ideas they would like to see implemented.

You can keep up to date with all their announcements by following ACGL on Twitter and Facebook, as well as joining their Discord server.

Header image via ACGL.


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