Your Week In Gaming Podcast: 28 April 2023

Your Week In Gaming Podcast: 28 April 2023

Your weekly roundup of gaming entertainment & tech news

Your Week In Gaming is a weekly podcast covering the latest gaming entertainment news, opinions, and rants.

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Episode 6 of the Your Week In Gaming Podcast is hosted by Andrew & co-hosts Richard, Samantha, & Chris. Join this vivacious panel of rapscallions as they cover what’s hot in week 17 of 2023.

This week, Andrew slams some servers, Richard fights on the streets, Sam goes tabletop, and Chris talks cheaper tech.

For this instalment of the Your Week In Gaming Podcast, our team covers gaming & tech news topics like: 

  • Blizzard’s Diablo 4 goes free-to-play to test their servers 
  • Horizon Zero Dawn getting a third instalment
  • Capcom teasing the fighting gaming community with Street Fighter 6 tidbits
  • BREAK!! – an exciting TRPG that you didn’t know you needed
  • Nvidia might be under pressure with lower-than-predicted RTX 40-Series sales results
  • Twitter kills, resurrects, and then reanimates legacy verification in a bid to increase profitability
The YWIG team delivers the latest gaming entertainment & tech news for 28 April 2023

Make sure you don’t miss out on the hottest gaming and tech news from the last week.

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