Ultimate Fite Nite 3 tournament this weekend with R5,000 prize pool

Ultimate Fite Nite

Ultimate Fite Nite 3 tournament this weekend with R5,000 prize pool

If you are a Street Fight V fan or player who happens to be in or near Gauteng / North West province this weekend, then there’s the Ulitmate Fite Nite 3 tournament to attend. Here’s what we know so far about this fighting game esports event.

Ultimate Fite Nite 3 details

The Ultimate Fite Nite tournament takes place this Saturday, 2 April from 11:00 to 15:00 SAST. This is an offline event, meaning you can’t join in via the internet. You have to be at The Carousel Hotel & Casino to participate.

Tickets cost R100 per person, and there’s a prize pool of R5,000 to fight for. At the time of writing, no prize pool distribution has been revealed.

You can register at the Ultimate Fite Nite 3 Quicket page.  It is limited to 16 players, which means if you want to join in the action, you better register soon. There aren’t a lot of details surrounding the tournament format, except that it is a 16-player bracket.

Sponsors or partners for the event, judging by an image in a tweet from Ultimate Fite Night are The Carousel, AOC and Nexus Hub.

Follow Ultimate Fite Night on Twitter. Hopefully, the tournament organizers will share more information in the weeks ahead before this event gets underway.

Featured image via Capcom.


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