Capcom Cup IX Final results and standings

Capcom Cup IX results

Capcom Cup IX Final results and standings

Over the past weekend, the Capcom Cup IX Street Fighter V tournament took place in the United States, Los Angeles, with South Africans Safraz “Ren” Muhammad and Goliath Gaming’s Jabhi “JabhiM” Mabuza competing. Here’s what went down, including who managed to lift the trophy.

Capcom Cup IX results

The two South African players competed against 45 others from across the globe at the AVALON Hollywood & Bardot venue for their share of the huge $300,000 prize pool.

Unfortunately, the South Africans got knocked out during the group stage. JabhiM went 4-10, taking some rounds off top-tier competition, while Ren managed a 2-10 score.

In the playoffs, we saw Dominican Republic player MenaRD (as Birdie) beat EndingWalker 3-1 after losing the first fight. MenaRD went on to beat Chinese star Zhen 3-1 to make it to the grand final. Zhen fought back in the lower bracket, beating US player iDom 3-1 to get a rematch against MenaRD.

In the grand final of the Capcom Cup IX, Zhen as M Bison took the first fight against MenaRD‘s Luke. However, MenaRD showed his big match temperament, winning the next three fights all 2-1 to beat Zhen 4-1 in the grand final of the Capcom Cup IX, claiming the trophy and $120,000 in prize money.

Everyone at the Capcom Cup IX got a piece of the $300,000 prize pool, including the South Africans, who walked away with $1,500 each.

Over on the official Capcom Fighters YouTube channel, you can check out the top 16 and finals in case you missed it.

While the South Africans didn’t make it to the playoffs, it was still amazing to see them compete on an international stage of this magnitude, and as we all know, experience in these types of events can prove invaluable for future competition.

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