Astro Gaming Cups announced by ACGL with R25,000 combined prize pool

Astro Gaming Cups

Astro Gaming Cups announced by ACGL with R25,000 combined prize pool

South African tournament organizer African Cyber Gaming League (ACGL) has announced a partnership with ASTRO Gaming. This brings ASTRO Gaming Cups to local esports fans from now until December. There’s also a combined prize pool of R25,000 to fight for.

ASTRO Gaming Cups detailed

There is a boatload of ASTRO Gaming Cups coming the way of South African esports fans. A variety of titles are on display, from Rocket League to Mortal Kombat 11, Rainbow Six Siege and more. There are even some ASTRO Gaming Cups planned for the upcoming Halo Infinite!

The first tournaments in this awesome new series kick off this Sunday, 24th October 2021, and things only ramp up from there. Head on over to the ASTRO Gaming Cups landing page via the ACGL website to register for upcoming cups now. Registration is completely free, after all!

ASTRO Gaming Cups schedule:
  • 24+31 October: Rocket League | R2,000
  • 24 October: Mortal Kombat 11 | R1,000
  • 30 October: Rainbow Six Siege | PC + PS | R2,000 each
  • 13 November: Rainbow Six Siege | PC + PS | R1,000 each
  • 21+28 November: Rocket League | R2,000
  • 21 November: Street Fighter V | R1,000
  • 27 November: Rainbow Six Siege | PC + PS | R1,000 each
  • 11 December: Rainbow Six Siege | PC + PS | R2,000 each
  • 12+19 December: Rocket League | R2,000
  • 12 December: Tekken 7 | R1,000
  • 12 December: Halo Infinite | R2,000
  • 19 December: Halo Infinite | R2,000

ACGL explains its storied partnership with ASTRO Gaming: “ACGL has had a long a memorable partnership with ASTRO Gaming over the years. In 2016 we hosted (albeit as Clan Connection and Zombiegamer) the ASTRO Gaming Cup for Black Ops 3.

This was followed by the unforgettable Call Of Duty World League affiliated MAG Cup later in the year. Since then, we have partnered at various events over the years to bring attendees direct access to the headsets. With this latest announcement, we look forward to bringing you more action in 2022!”

Don’t forget to follow Astro Gaming on Twitter and check out their website to learn more. You can keep up to date with all their announcements by following ACGL on Twitter and Facebook, as well as joining their Discord server.

Header image via ACGL.


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