Ekasi Esports FIFA 20 Invitational

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Ekasi Esports FIFA 20 Invitational

South African multi-gaming organisation Ekasi Esports are on the lookout for a FIFA player. Unfortunately, if you are hoping that would be you, it is already too late. Ekasi Esports, in partnership with Adwa Gaming, kicked off their search a few weeks back with the FIFA 20 Invitational.

The series invited 16 South African PlayStation 4 players to compete for a “life changing opportunity; to be signed as a professional FIFA player to the Ekasi Esports.” Players from Gauteng, Western Cape, Northern Cape and Free State competed in the group stages, which has left eight players standing.

This weekend, the top eight (featuring three players from Free State and Gauteng, and two from Northern Cape) head into the quarter finals which will be live streamed via the Ekasi Esports YouTube channel. The matches on Saturday and Sunday will start at 15h00. The action will continue over the next two weekends with the semifinals and finals.


The top three players will secure the following after the finals on 11 October:

  • First Place: Ekasi Esports Signing Hamper
  • Second Place: Copy of FIFA 21 and Redragon Gaming Headset
  • Third Place: Copy of FIFA 21 and Redragon Gaming Headset
  • Group Statges: 12-20 September 2020
  • Quarter-Finals: 26-27 September 2020
  • Semi-Finals: 03-04 October 2020
  • Finals: 10-11 October 2020

According to the tournament page, Ekasi Esports’ mission for the invitational is to bring “inclusiveness in the South African esports and gaming scene by granting opportunities to gamers who have not been given the chance to participate and prove themselves in a competitive gaming and esports environment but have shown potential to take on the giants.”

[Header image: EA Sports | Player image: Ekasi Esports]


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