Sinister5 Dota 2 squad is on a rampage in their first European tournament

Wessel Minnie

Mar 24, 2020 7:35 am

In case you didn’t know, the Sinister5 Dota 2 team move to Europe to compete in international tournaments earlier this month. We interviewed the owner of Sinister5 about the move in February. The squad hit the ground running after they all arrived at their destination: Bankso, a beautiful Bankso ski resort in Bulgaria. They’ve been competing in their first European tournament and their results so far have been excellent.

Sinister5 Dota 2 results

The Sinister5 Dota 2 squad’s first European tournament is the Vrkolak Challenger League. This is an online Bulgarian league with a prize pool of 2000 BGN (nearly R20,000). The league runs from  7 March to 3 May.


The squad is on a rampage in the Vrkolak Challenger League. So far, they’ve won all four of their matches in the group stage. You can check out their fantastic results below.


  • DontEvenTry 0 – 3 Sinister5
  • XpendabLES 0 – 3 Sinister5
  • Internet Explorer 0 – 3 Sinister5
  • Graduska 0 – 3 Sinister5

With four wins under their belt, the Sinister5 team is in a three-way tie for first place in their group so far. The top four teams from each group will advance to the playoffs, which is scheduled to kick off on 1 May 2020.

Sinister5 Dota 2 match schedule

If you want to watch the team compete in the Vrkolak Challenger League, then you can do so on the tournament’s official channel. To make it easier for South Africans to support this local team in Europe, we’ve got the full remaining group stage schedule for the Sinister5 team below. Times are in SAST.


  • 28 March at 13:00 – Sinister5 versus Nachalnici
  • 29 March at 16:00 – Sinister5 versus Opasni Prestupnici
  • 5 April at 16:00 – Sinister5 versus Lil pleb нету игрок
  • 25 April at 14:00 – Sinister5 versus eNimals
  • 26 April at 16:00 – Siniter5 versus No Racism

It is always exciting to see a South African esports team compete against international teams. While this tournament isn’t a massive DPC event, it is a great starting point for the squad.


We wish them all the best of luck in their upcoming matches, and we will be cheering them on as they progress. With four wins under their belt right now, the Sinister5 Dota 2 squad is looking to be on excellent form.


Header image via Valve