Predator Summer Slam: First Open Qualifier registrations live


Predator Summer Slam: First Open Qualifier registrations live

South African CS:GO esports fans are in for a treat this coming December with the Predator Summer Slam main event, which features a prize pool of R20,000. The tournament is brought to you by Predator Gaming ZA and Gamedock Ent. The tournament is sure to feature some great local CS:GO esports action. Here’s what we know so far about the local CS:GO esports tournament, including the first qualifier.

Predator Summer Slam Qualifier 1

While we don’t know many details about the Predator Summer Slam main event, which is set to take place from 12 to 13 December, we do know it features an R20,000 prize pool. Further, the top teams in South Africa will compete in the tournament.

A description of the tournament reads: “The Predator Summer Slam will see these 8 CS:GO teams in South Africa battling it out for their share of the R20 000 prize pool and the glory that comes along with being crowned the Predator Summer Slam Champion!”

The four teams who received direct invites are:
  • ATK Arena
  • Goliath Gaming
  • Energy Esports
  • DNMK Esports

Joining these four top teams will be four others. That’s where South African CS:GO teams can join in the action. There will be two qualifiers, with the top two teams from each qualifier making their way into the main event.

With this in mind, registration for the first Open Qualifier is now open on the tournament’s ESEA page, so grab your squads and enter for a shot at a spot in the main event. The first Open Qualifier kicks off on 21 November.

If you have any queries about the tournament, you can contact Gamedock on Discord here:

Header image via Valve.

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