NODWIN Gaming Africa discontinues support for CS:GO and Tekken 7

NODWIN Gaming Africa

NODWIN Gaming Africa discontinues support for CS:GO and Tekken 7

In February this year, India’s biggest esports company, NODWIN Gaming, expanded to South Africa. Since then, the COVID-19 pandemic hit, everything was moved online, and NODWIN Gaming Africa even expanded its Umzansi Esports League to all countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. Unfortunately, there is now some bad news for local CS:GO and Tekken 7 fans.

CS:GO and Tekken 7 discontinued

In an announcement from the team on social media, the tournament organizer has revealed they will be discontinuing CS:GO and Tekken 7 for both the Umzansi Esports League and Inkosi cups. This will happen with the conclusion of the two originally announced seasons for Umzansi and Inkosi.

NODWIN Gaming Africa explains:

“NODWIN Gaming has decided to discontinue support for CS:GO and Tekken 7 in Africa for the time being. This decision includes removing both titles from the two properties, effective from the end of this current (i.e. summer) season.
After careful evaluation, we have determined that the lack of community interest, player registrations, and viewer base for these titles across the continent no longer justifies their inclusion in our two flagship African IPs.”

However, NODWIN Gaming Africa did say they may again support CS:GO and Tekken 7 in the future. The company is looking into introducing “non-seasonal, short-form events” with the goal of incentivising further growth in the sub-Saharan Africa market.

The tournament organizer finished off the announcement by thanking all the teams and organizations who have given them their best effort over the last two seasons and wishes them all well in the future.

NODWIN Gaming Africa stats: “It has been great working with you all and we look forward to watching you go from strength to strength in your competitive journeys. Thank you for your continued understanding and support.”

Hopefully, we will see more announcements from the company soon, as those short-form, non-seasonal events do sound interesting. It is, however, still a blow for some CS:GO teams and Tekken 7 players.

Header image via NODWIN Gaming.

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