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New CS:GO update fixes performance issues

Wessel Minnie

Jul 14, 2020 8:05 am

Last week, Valve released Trusted Mode for CS:GO, which didn’t go down all too well with many fans. While this new feature is there to fight cheaters, it is causing severe performance issues for some gamers, due to its blocking of third-party apps.

New CS:GO update details

In the new CS:GO update released on 14 July, Valve has fixed some performance issues for the game. These performance issues happen when third-party apps constantly try to run in CS:GO, even if they aren’t allowed to do so anymore.

The CS:GO patch notes read:
  • Fixed performance issue caused by third party applications repeatedly attempting to inject into CS:GO.
  • Fixed crashes caused by third party applications injecting into CS:GO.

Valve doesn’t specifically mention any third-party apps in the patch notes. Instead, the developer simply issued the update, and Trusted Mode – against many fan requests – is still enabled by default for all players.


There is a way to turn it off, if you are still struggling and using legitimate apps. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to matchmake if you turn off Trusted Mode.


While this isn’t recommended and can affect a user’s “Trust score” negatively, Valve has added the launch option called -untrusted which you can add to avoid Trusted Mode.


It remains to be seen if the new CS:GO update will fix the performance issues players have been experiencing.


Header image via Valve.