RLCS 2024 Copenhagen Major 1 results & final standings

RLCS 2024 Major 1 results

RLCS 2024 Copenhagen Major 1 results & final standings

We saw some incredible, top-tier action at the  Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) 2024 Major 1, also known as the RLCS Copenhagen Major 1, take place this past weekend. Here’s what went down in case you missed it, with our full results and final, official standings.

RLCS 2024 Major 1 results

For those who didn’t know, Limitless, filled with players from South Africa, qualified for the event by dominating the Sub-Saharan Africa regional events. Unfortunately, during the Swiss Stage of the RLCS 2024 Major 1, Limitless couldn’t get a win, losing 3-0 to Karmine Corp, OG and Luminosity Gaming.

The top eight teams made it through to the playoffs of the RLCS 2024 Major 1 event, which finished up this past weekend on 31 March 2024. It was there that Gentle Mates Alpine (M8) shocked the crowd with two huge comebacks to make it to the finals.

First, Gentle Mates Alpine made it past Gen.G in heroic fashion with a 4-3, winning the last two matches. Then, they did the exact same thing to Karmine Corps to make it to the grand final of RLCS 2024 Major 1 Copenhagen. In the grand final against G2’s powerful squad, M8 pulled out all the stops for a decisive 4-2 victory, claiming the RLCS 2024 trophy as their own.

You can find the full, final standings of the RLCS 2024 Major 1 event below, including how much each team won, so check it out!

  • 1st place – Gentle Mates Alpine wins $75,000.
  • 2nd place – G2 wins $45,000
  • 3rd & 4th place – Karmine Corp and Team Vitality win $25,000 each.
  • 5th to 8th place – Gen.G, Team Falcons, Team BDS, and FURIA Esports win $12,000 each.
  • 9th to 11th place – Complexity Gaming, Luminosity Gaming, and PWR win $6,000 each.
  • 12th to 14th place – QuikTrip Pioneers Gaming, OG, and Rule One win $3,600 each.
  • 15th & 16th place – Elevate and Limitless win $2,100 each.

A big congratulations go out to Gentle Mates Alpine for winning the entire event and the lion’s share of the prize pool! We can’t wait to watch Major 2, which takes place in June this year.

Header image via Psyonix/BLAST.

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