ESC Podcast S02E09: Interview with Zyori (@ZyoriTV)

ESC Podcast S02E09: Interview with Zyori (@ZyoriTV)

Kaameel Chicktay hosts Episode 9 in the second season of the Esports Central Podcast. In this week’s episode, @KChicktay chats with professional Dota talent Andrew “Zyori” Campbell about Dota’s MeToo movement, cancel culture and Dota 2’s defining question – is the game dead?

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The Esports Central Podcast returns with a brand new episode, recorded for the 10th of December 2020. Join podcast host Kaameel Chicktay as he delves into local and international esports and gaming with this week’s guest.

Esports Central Podcast with Kaameel Chicktay: S02E09

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