South African Rostermania

Clint 'Zombie Dredd' O'Shea

As roster and team changes happen around the South African esports scene, we bring you our South African Rostermania article which looks set to be a weekly occurrence given the current regularity of changes.

Exdee Gaming


Gareth “Snowyy ” Spiers has joined the Exdee Gaming Rocket League team. The new look roster going forward is:


Goliath Gaming


Tyler Oliver has announced that he has joined the Goliath Gaming CS:GO squad.

RE ACCE Esports


Around a week or so ago, RE ACCE Esports announced the departure of their CS:GO Fe team, Vixens, but promised an announcement of their new roster under the nameΒ Team Cleo. They have now released the names of the players who will feature under the brand going forward.


RE ACCE_Cleo will be represented by:


  • Michaela Magenta Taylor aka KaylaBearQ
  • Nita Boshoff aka Phoenix
  • Ashleigh Powell aka Bl00
  • Alicia Van Blerk aka Dark4ngel
  • Sandrie Botha aka Vixen
  • Lisha Potgieter aka Lillies

The team will be training for the next while before joining the VS Gaming Ladder.



Brandon “Syipres” Addison has announced that he has left the Alpha Star Gaming Dota 2 team with immediate effect. He has (along with Daniel Jeric Comer) joined the Salt Dota 2 team.

Violent Fems


Violent Fems (or vF X) have announced their CS:GO female team. According to the tweet, it’s their “announcement” which indicates more are coming.


The CS:GO roster consists of:



The Violent Fems have announced their coach asΒ ECPWiLdeCat.