League of Legends 14.1 update is absolutely massive

League of Legends 14.1 update is absolutely massive

Hold onto your hats! The League of Legends patch 14.1 update has arrived, and if the title didn’t give it away properly, it is gigantic! The popular MOBA title might just feel like a new game to many, especially with the map and itemization changes. Let’s dive in.

LoL 14.1 update highlights

So, we aren’t going to go through all the LoL changes. You can check out the full patch notes for the 14.1 update on the official LoL site, as posted by Riot Games. The update’s patch notes are a whopping 197 pages long and over 30,000 words.

To prepare you for the wealth of changes, we’ve just listed the update highlights below.

  • Mythic items are removed. Dozens of new items were added.
  • Baron Nashor gets three new forms and impacts terrain.
  • Rift Herald changes, and you can now ride it!
  • Big changes to Summoner’s Rift, including terrain adjustments.
  • New monsters from the Void which you can take on in the Jungle.
  • Infernal terrain changes and drakes.
  • New Ranked season begins with several changes to LP gain and more.
  • New Champion skins and seasonal challenges.

With LoL 14.1, the 2024 Ranked Season also starts with a tonne of changes in its own right. One important thing to note for competitive Ranked players is that for 2024, the season is divided into three Splits, with Split 1 running from January to May 2024.

Header image via Riot Games.

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