VS Gaming Championship: Hearthstone results

Andrew 'PenguinZA' Hodgkinson

Sep 18, 2018 7:16 am

Where it all began

We are not talking about the universe and how that began (we may be here for a few months debating such), but more about the VS Gaming Championship for Hearthstone. A near full year league finally came to a close with the top 14 (two players could not make it) players meeting at the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit for Comic Con Africa 2018 to battle it out.

We need the deets, bro!

I got you guys. The group stage decided the elimination stage, with two wins getting you into the upper bracket. Matthew “Simplez” Christie continued his great form from the group stage powering through the upper bracket to get to the Upper Bracket Final.


Simplez finally met Dale “Pand3m0nia” Pon in the Upper Bracket Final. Simplez unfortunately had the better lineup and was able to clinch a victory 3 – 1 to start making his seat warm for the grand final.

Let’s talk about the eliminations

A lot of full aggro lineups were knocked out of the tournament early, leaving only control lineups and anti-control. Long match-ups were left for the players still in the tournament. Michael “MicaGima” Georgiades battled through the lower bracket with his full aggro lineup to make it to the lower bracket final where Pand3m0nia was awaiting.


This fixture was over an hour, with both players ensuring they were making the best plays possible for each of their decks. At the end of the lengthy day of Hearthstone, with the heat radiating off the racing surface of the circuit, Pand3m0nia was finally able to clinch the win 3 – 2.


This meant, he had to play Simplez once again in the grand final.

Where everything ended

Pand3m0nia had one of the hardest tasks ahead of him as he had to not only beat Simplez in two Best of Five’s thanks to the winners bracket advantage, but he had to do this against a lineup directly trying to counter his.



Pand3m0nia started doing the impossible by beating Simplez the first time 3 – 0, resetting the bracket and leaving it all to play for. In true Hearthstone style, the next games were incredibly close, watching both these players sitting and focusing on the game at hand. No words can describe the joy present Pand3m0nia’s face when he finally took the final game, and claiming the second Best of Five 3 – 2.


Pand3m0nia showed up at this event. It was easily his best performance since signing with Energy Esports after his first Championship title in 2015. It’s even more impressive consider he had been knocked out of Premier Division at the end of Leg Four earlier this year. He had to beat Simplez twice in fairly unfavoured matchups to claim his second ever VS Gaming Championship title.


Pand3m0nia will pocket himself R9 800 for his win, with Simplez pocketing himself half of that.

Wrapping it up

I’d like to give a huge shout out to everyone who entered the tournament, as well as those who helped those who entered, watched the stream or supported at the event. Another shout out should go to ReedExpo and the entire team at VS Gaming. Without any of you, this event would not have been possible.


What was your favourite part of the entire event, if you were there or at home watching? Let us know below!