Why Arcane is the best thing for League of Legends


Why Arcane is the best thing for League of Legends

Recently Netflix released the hit series, Arcane by Riot Games, based on the game League of Legends, with a confirmed Season 2 announcement.

As much as we can go into detail about why the series is beautiful and an artistic masterpiece, we’re not going to. No spoilers here! Instead, we’ll be telling you why this was the best move from Riot games, to attract new players to the game and in doing so, supplement the competitive esports space with new talent to take up the reins when the older talent retires.

Watch the video below or continue reading about how Arcane could bolster League of Legends esports.

It’s rather genius when you break it down into a marketing point of view. Consider how a normal sales funnel flows, from the start phase of awareness to the mid-phase of consideration and then the end phase of conversion.

The TV series Arcane fills the space for awareness. This will cause numerous newcomers to the world of Runeterra to look up the series, which will link to the game.

The series already introduces heroes from the game, so newcomers have a starting point on who they might want to play as in-game.

From there, they will download the game and start learning how things work. Some will get hooked and stay on while a margin will drop off, this is to be expected.

Those who stay, will further develop their craft, take lessons, find teams, others might start new teams and from there, you have competitive players entering the realm of playing for prize pools.

They won’t be international tournament-level at the start, but they will get better and eventually move up the ranks.

That is why we believe Arcane has been the best thing released by Riot Games for the bolstering of the competitive space for League of Legends in esports.

Header image via Riot Games.


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